Who Wants to Date Alina Lopez?

For some ungodly reason I've been on Bumble the past few months. I swear most of the accounts are fake/bots/abandoned or are real chicks that have profiles only to get confirmation that guys want them.

This notion has been at least partially confirmed when "Lydia" here came up in my feed recently:

Idk if Alina's real name is Lydia, but it seems whoever created this profile did his homework as Alina's height is listed at 5'6" on iafd as well as her birthplace being Washington.

Pre-social media I used to have pretty decent luck on dating sites, but over the past five or so years I can count on one hand with fingers to spare how many women I've met/dated on them.

I'm a good looking guy and I have yet to get a match on Bumble. I've completely given up on sites that I originally had good experiences with such as OKC and POF... I'm seriously considering deleting my Bumble account too for the above mentioned reasons and as a good majority of the 'real' women there have their IG handles listed in their profiles.

What have your recent dating app experiences been like? Anyone else here been matched with "Lydia" as well?