SSIS-818 Ashitaba Mituha AV Debut

SSIS-818 Ashitaba Mituha AV Debut 新人No.1 STYLE 明日葉みつはAVDebut

Mitsuha Asuha is 23 years old. She grew up in the Tohoku countryside and has a kind personality. She moved to Tokyo four years ago. She has the well-organized features and transparency of a female actor. She is 175 cm tall and has a model-like style of F-cup breasts. She looks cool to some people only in pictures, but when she speaks she has a charming accent. Ashitaba Mituha JAV is a lovely girl with such a gap, but when she started shooting her, she seemed to have more fun than anyone else, and she was a talent to have sex with her comfortably.

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