Rita Ora Cleavage of the Day

Rita Ora is the set of tits that pretend they are a popstar when really none of her music has ever been heard by anyone despite having been a popstar for a long fucking time…far longer than any of the need breeds of popstar that all seem to be from Albania like Rita Ora….

I’ve found her tits pretty consistently hot, even as she nears or crosses the 30 year old mark….so I encourage any of her sleazy titty content whether it’s as part of marketing campaigns, bullshit hosting jobs, or even her music videos since that’s the real reason she came to america in the first place…riding on a Jay Z record deal squashed by Rihanna….as well as on Rob Kardashian’s dick…

It’s weird that she’s never had any major hits, considering she’s been doing this for so long and that she even fucked a bunch of producers who make hits…but I guess it doesn’t matter because thanks to social media she exists…and looks good…even when in idiotic costume..


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