IPZZ-314 Nagahama Mitsuri

JAV Video IPZZ-314 Nagahama Mitsuri

Aoi, Mitsuri, and Miu are fourth-year university students in a surfing club. Mitsuri secretly had feelings for her childhood friend Aoi. Meanwhile, Aoi and Miu start dating. One day, Aoi finds out that Miu is cheating on her and becomes distrustful of women. Mitsuri tells Aoi that she is not that kind of woman. To prove it, she proposes abstinence for one month. As a reward for achieving her goal, Mitsuri tells Aoi that she wants her to do whatever she says. Mitsuri Nagahama finally takes on the absent NTR drama! This is not just an absent NTR drama, but a sweet but bitter pure love story that mixes the romantic feelings of men and women. Mitsuri, who has always been in love with her childhood friend, finally confesses the feelings she has not been able to express and starts living together with her childhood friend for three days only. Her feelings explode and Mitsuru seeks to overlap her body and heart many times. Her dedication will definitely make your heart pound! And on the final day, an unexpected turn of events occurred…

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