DMOW-210 SuperBrakonsData Sisters Older Brother Doting Training (2020)


Movie ID: DMOW-210

Full Title: Super Brakon's Data Sister's Older Brother Doting Training Mirei Nitta

Release Date: 2020-04-01

Actress(es): Arata Mirei

Maker: Office K S

Label: Mow

Movie Genre(s): Restraint, Solowork, Slut, Submissive Men

My ideal type is an older brother, and I'm a hardcore brother complex who seriously wants to marry my older brother in the future! My brother used to think it was normal to go on dates, sleep together, and take baths with his cute little sister, who he adored. However, recently, his friends have been telling him that their relationship is weird, and my sister has become embarrassed about being affectionate towards him, so he has started treating her coldly. "Maybe my brother hates me now?" I'm worried and sad, so I explore my brother's room to become the type of girl he likes. There, I find a fashion magazine for cute girls wearing Lolita clothes! "Could it be that my brother likes this kind of girl? If I dress like this, my brother will surely like me again!" With a slightly naive and twisted way of thinking, I dress up in Lolita clothes to become my brother's type of girl and use all the erotic knowledge I've gained online to start the "Operation to Make My Brother Love Me More Than Anything!" (I'm a virgin, so I have no real experience with sex.) I'll force him to be restrained and manage his ejaculation and even demand incestuous sex by saying, "Brother, take my virginity!" Of course, he won't be allowed to ejaculate without permission. And to completely make my brother mine, I'll take his virginity. This is a slightly twisted story of a pure sister who loved her brother too much.

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Duration: 2h 8min 34s

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