Clubstiletto – Princess Mia – Inspired to Suffer

The scene opens with Princess Mia walking on her slaves stomach and chest. She then starts jumping before placing a foot on his face. As she resumes walking on him she says he is around so much that it just makes her want to hurt him more every day. She then starts really jumping on him before moving to stand on his face with both feet. She removes one foot and his head turns sideways under her foot and you can see the pain in his eyes. “You like being under my feet, suffering for me don’t you?” she asks him and he says he does. Mia then walks back down his body and when on his stomach puts her arms out beside her body to show the slave is getting her full weight. She resumes jumping on him and then rubs her feet over his balls before stepping up and making him lick the stink off her feet. The camera zooms in on Mia’s ass and she slaps it and tells the slave to use it as motivation. She then starts dancing on him and through the entire scene the slave grunts and cries out in pain. She is working up a sweat and says if he pleases her he might just get to lick the sweat off her body. “Not the pussy though, no pussy for you” she says as she continues to jump.


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