Amateur Thai Cuties (2010)

Amateur Thai Cuties (2010) | USA | Dvdrip

Directed by:

Studio: Kick Ass Pictures

Actors: Mona, May, Joy, Jane, Goy.

Language: English

Country: USA | Dvdrip

Description: "Now that your chick of many years has dumped you and left you for that greaser down the street driving the 30-year-old car, American girls don't seem so hot any more, do they? Time to start shopping around , we say. Maybe, just maybe you should re-direct your tastes overseas where being spoiled rotten hasn't quite set in as yet. May we suggest a Thai cutie? They're compact, fun, they'll appreciate a guy driving "a hot auto and are cheap to feed. A week's worth of noodles goes a long way with these babes, and they'll suck your dick long time."

File Size: 698 MB | Format: MP4 | Duration: 80:30 MINS | Resolution: 576x320