567BEAF-092 If anyone kindly invites me, I can’t refuse. Reman Bitch. Yuuna-chan, 20 years old, is a JD with huge breasts who attends a welfare school with the lowest deviation score in Tokyo.

Yuuna-chan, 20 years old, is a third year student at Higashi ●● Social Work University. She is a slut bitch who cannot refuse anyone’s gentle invitation as she aims to be a welfare worker. When I picked her up in Ikebukuro, she immediately succeeded in taking her home, but she told me that she wanted to have more intense sex with me, so I called her friend over and started filming her again…! Maybe it’s because I’m a little late for the meeting place, but I’m looking very unhappy… As an apology, I’ll introduce you to a friend with a dick who might be able to satisfy you! When she said that, she seemed to understand, albeit reluctantly. It’s not just the name of a slut bitch who would accept such a proposal lol After a while after moving to the room, the owner of the dick appeared. She seemed to like it somehow, so we started talking and kissing her, and the skinship was extreme. When I lifted up her clothes, I saw what those big boobs were! ! The breasts are soft and stretchy when you suck them up and massage them! ! ! I was attracted to the breasts overflowing from the bra and couldn’t help but suck up the nipples! It’s really erotic that she reacts jumpily to the electric massager and vibrator. She was giving me a normal blowjob, but it wasn’t enough, so I suppressed her and kept knocking her in the back of her throat! ! ! Her breasts are so big that they are squeezed with a titty fuck and her hips are floating…! I can’t help but hide my cock and wrap it in my boobs! Her boobs swaying freely while squeezing her neck are seriously erotic…! ! I’m glad I picked her up because I could see such an erotic view in cowgirl position.I pulled her with both hands and creampied her in missionary position! ! I was able to capture a nice AV of a perverted bimbo bitch with her boobs bouncing around lol

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