435MFC-231 100% Pure Loli Beautiful Skin Koto-chan A Slightly Gluttonous Female College Student Eats A Date While Walking In Shin-Okubo → After Filling Her Stomach, She Eats Immediately…♪/”Itadakimasu…///” Gassho (?) Service fellatio with plenty of saliva → mercilessly piercing a petite body and cumming at the same time…! /Rubber is cut off and raw cock is inserted! The warmth that is transmitted directly & the piston in the back of the vagina makes me faint in agony…! Last is a rich facial shower

Play contents: [Part 1] Date, kiss, breast massage, cunnilingus, fingering, nipple licking, blowjob, titty fuck, cowgirl, missionary position, standing back → buttocks [Part 2] Cunnilingus, fingering, 69, back, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, side, missionary → facial

Synopsis: A gluttonous JD [Koto/18 years old/female college student] Today I’m eating out with “Koto-chan” from the same circle! [Cheese dog] → [Ice macaron] → [Samgyeopsal] → [Soft cream], you can see Koto-chan’s gluttony (laughs). I asked for a food report right away, but I’m pretty bad at it…(lovely (laughs)) After enjoying Shin-Okubo, of course, I went to the hotel. When I get to the room… Huh, Koto-chan’s stomach is plump (). Koto-chan, who shyly answers, “because of gastroptosis ///”, is also cute (laughs). If you pretend to look at your stomach and take off your clothes as it is, you will have a smooth, fair skin like a baby → Puffy bowl-shaped breasts (Fcup)! ! It seems to explode at any moment in a clean body. She is undressed and nervous, so she doesn’t talk much. Then, not only the tension but also the bottom is loosened little by little, and before you know it, your pussy is covered with love juice. Then, Koto-chan also turned on the switch and licked her nipples and fell asleep with plenty of drool. Both of our bodies have warmed up, so I pretended to forget the condom and inserted it raw… I thought, but Koto-chan assumed that I’d forget, so I prepared a rubber and failed easily… (laughs) That’s all. The world wasn’t sweet. (scum). Please put it on carefully and insert it. The warmth in the vagina that can be transmitted through the rubber and the preeminent ● condition is at the level of seed injection if you are not careful. Every time you push the back of the vagina, the beautiful breasts that sway with a purun and the limit to the tortoro horny expression… Intense piss in the back → Simultaneous iki. I bukkake on a pure white ass. (Sense of accomplishment) For now, take a shower and go to bed. Well, there’s no way it’s going to end in one go… Lick each other and get ready again! When I tried to get some rubber from Koto-chan, it looks like she’s already run out… No way! Somehow persuaded → reluctantly accepted and raw insertion (lol). How comfortable is it without rubber? It feels so good! ! (Laughs) Chi Piston to focus all the senses on Po. Koto-chan also seems to be feeling more than before whether it feels good without rubber. I didn’t have time to rest as it was and a hard piston … I really wanted to put it inside as it is, but I endured it and finished the facial shower with a cute face on the verge of firing …! From the beginning to the end, he was a glutton (lol)

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