259LUXU-1749 Luxury TV 1735 A beautiful secretary with a bright smile that lights up everyone around her is told, “If you want to continue our mistress relationship, I want you to appear in an AV” and decides to appear! She exposes her healthy and beautiful body to the man she met for the first time, and with her bold appearance, she cries out wildly and shows an expression of ecstasy on the piston of his big cock!

As soon as I entered the room, I was greeted by an attractive woman with a bright smile. Akari Todo, 29 years old. She is currently working as her secretary. It seems that she has been in relationships with two men so far, and it seems that she is solid enough to handle the role of her secretary. …However, if you go further into the story, it seems that she has slightly more experience. She was surprised, but somehow I was relieved that she had something like this. Akari says that she likes older men. Apparently, her type is an older man who is tolerant and gentlemanly. The man she is currently dating is also an older man. Moreover, she is on the path of becoming a very popular woman as a company executive. However, it seems that the man is married. Yes, I have a “mistress” relationship with Akari. Moreover, the reason why she decided to appear in an AV this time was because the man asked her to appear in an AV if she wants to continue being his mistress. In other words, to fulfill her desire to be cuckolded… If you don’t like it, you can refuse, but Akari willingly accepted and celebrated this day… She must have a naughty gap that is the complete opposite of her lovely smile. What does the man think when he looks at this screen? And how will Akari, who has literally taken off her clothes in order to make her cuckold desire come true, become erratic after this…? Please look forward to it.

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