Elis Euryale – Feet and Cigarette in the Clinic

Nurse Euryale has tied up her patient on the Segufix bed of the clinic. He can’t move at all, and she wants him to worship her feet while she enjoys a cigarette. She picks up one in her steel cigarette case, takes off her high heels and rubs her bare foot on her patient’s face.

His strong foot fetishism helps him to focus while Euryale’s sadism drives her to apply the burning tip of her cigarette on his skin. On his scrotum, on his cock, on his leg, increasing the intensity of the pain, marking his body until the cigarette is over.

Once this cruel torment has come to an end, the patient’s tongue is used to put out the cigarette in his mouth, followed by Nurse Euryale’s delicious spit.


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