Breathless (1983) 1040p

1.39GB Valérie Kaprisky & Richard Gere - Breathless+~01:34:39 1920X1040p

(circa 1983)~He's the last man on earth any woman needs & every woman wants~





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Jesse has to get out of Las Vegas quickly & he steals a car

to drive to L.A. On the way he shoots a police man. When he

makes it to L.A. he stays with Monica, a girl he has only known

for a few days & as the police get closer to him the crimes escalate...

The cast of 'Breathless' includes;

Valérie Kaprisky :p as Monica,

Lisa Jane Persky :p as Salesgirl,

Richard Gere :cool: as Jesse,

William Tepper :cool: as Paul &

John P. Ryan :cool: as Lt. Parmental.

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