481SACZ-110 Haruna

This video is an amateur post sent to SM magazine. ○ Pee M’s shaved girl / Haruna (posted name) This is a post from Mr. Takahashi (pseudonym), an S man who made Haruna (pseudonym), a female college student who was her younger brother, a guy. Mr. Takahashi has been attracted to her for the first time since her younger brother introduced Haruna as a “lover”, and she was wearing a “thick choker that only looks like a collar” for a year. Asking her why the two broke up before became a master-slave relationship. At first, Mr. Takahashi thought that “Haruna’s SM hobby” was the cause of the breakup, but according to her confession while looking down, “I have a habit of leaking pee when I feel comfortable, so I’m embarrassed, so I put up with it. However, the more I put up with it, the more pleasant I feel … I don’t like pee, so I gradually started avoiding sex, and that’s why … ” There is no reason why sadist Takahashi is not excited to hear such a confession. The contempt of my younger brother’s ex-girlfriend was also a stimulus, and I asked him seriously, “I want you to show me the nasty appearance of Haruna who is peeing,” and from that day, the SM relationship between the two began. She can’t tell anyone, she fulfills her desire, and the limbs of a beautiful girl who is ashamed but trembles in pleasure are exquisite.

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